Buy the Healthiest Honey

Supermarket honey is heated and filtered, making it more appealing looking, but depleting it of any health benefits that the original product contained. There is a much healthier way to buy honey and increase the health benefits you reap from consuming this natural sweetener.

Raw honey (unfiltered, unstrained & unheated and containing pieces from the honeycombs & the bees) is by far the healthiest honey. Phytonutrients found both in honey and propolis have been shown to have cancer-preventing properties. Additionally honey can aid in digestion, treats allergies, and heals wounds. There are many other researched benefits honey provides. The more processed the honey is the less it contains these beneficial phytonutrients. Does this spark an idea?

To find out more about the benefits of raw honey, see and To find out how to buy this healthy honey, read the tips below

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